Practices will be ran three times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Each package allows access to all three practices within those dates!

Spring Nationals Package

Start: February 25th                                               14 practices

End: March 29th

$110                                     Less than $8/practice

Freestyle/Summer Package

Start: April 1st                                                          42 Practices

End: July 5th

$300                                     Less than $8/practice

Preseason Package
Developmental Package

Start: July 8th                                                           48 Practices

End: October 25th

$375                                             Less than $8/practice

Start: February 25th                                             104 Practices

End: October 25th

BEST DEAL!! $600             Less than $6/practice

Weiser Gym

Drury ln

Springfield, MO


Cell: (719)649-1288

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